Staying Safe with a Perfect Rooftop Fall Protection System


While many facility maintenance supervisors and employees belittle the importance of fall protection systems, the need for safety cannot be compromised. All lives are valuable and being in good health at all times gives one a perfect opportunity to enjoy life while efficiently working for a better living. Falls can lead to deaths, and they are also associated with fractures and other injuries that can affect one’s ability to live a better life. In most cases, the rooftop fall protection system to put in your facility might differ from that of your neighbor. Different rooftop environments pose different challenges; therefore, you have to assess them correctly to have the best safety mechanisms in place. Read more about safety railings

Guardrails are one of the best rooftop fall protection devices a person can purchase. In fact, they have numerous benefits when compared to other dependable forms of fall protection. To start with, they cost less, giving you the chance to install them without having to part with so many financial resources. Moreover, the installation process is fast and easy making it cost less. Nobody requires being trained on their use. When working on the rooftop, no one is required to wear any harness to enjoy the safety provided by guardrails – an added advantage compared to other fall protection devices.

Different types of safety guardrails can be purchased. However, there is a high probability that you can end up purchasing inferior ones if you are not well informed on how to find the best ones. To start with, you must acquire guard rails that are 42 inches high above the walking or working level. If there are any midrails, they should be fitted at a height midway between the walking or working level and the top edge. Industrial characteristics of your guard rails should also be good enough to ensure that they can withstand a force of at least two hundred pounds. If there is a mesh or a screen attached to reinforce the guard rails, it should be strong as well to withstand substantial forces.

On the other hand, one can use roof safety railing systems for roof fall protection. In fact, these devices have been improved with time to ensure that they are easy to install and that they provide the safety of your roof. For instance, some are designed to be installed without any penetration of the roof membrane.

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